What You Need to Know About Maintaining Epoxy Floors

Epoxy polished concrete floors are a popular option for a multitude of different structures. This is because they can be tough and durable, making them perfect for areas that experience lots of foot traffic or have heavy objects. Indeed, epoxy floors are the best choice when it comes to factories, warehouses, and garages.

While they are known for being resilient, this doesn’t mean that they don’t have to be properly maintained. On the contrary, maintenance is still vital for the longevity of epoxy floors. This is doubly true for spaces that experience lots of use as they can quickly wear down the flooring.

Luckily, maintenance for epoxy polished concrete floors is quite straightforward. However, this doesn’t mean that you should take maintenance for granted, as it can prove to be beneficial for your flooring in the long run. 

In this article, we will share more about how you can maintain your establishment’s epoxy floors:

Daily Maintenance

Taking care of your epoxy floors isn’t rocket science. When it comes to daily maintenance, these surfaces can be quite easy to manage. Like any other flooring type, regular sweeping and mopping are required to keep it in pristine condition. Sweeping gets rid of small rough particles that could end up scratching your floor. If your space is susceptible to chemicals that erode or damage the surface, it will also be in your best interest to make sure that all spills are thoroughly cleaned up immediately.

Other than what’s been mentioned above, your epoxy floors will also greatly benefit from weekly scrubbing. This ensures that the flooring is kept smooth and clean. If you find that they are still in bad shape, you can then opt to scrub twice a week.

Cleaning Agents

The one thing you want to be careful with is the cleaning agents used during the maintenance. While epoxy-polished concrete is sturdy, using the wrong chemicals could end up stripping the coating off of your floors. In fact, epoxy floors usually don’t even need soap. You can often clean them just by scrubbing them thoroughly. Just make sure to avoid using hard bristle brushes when scrubbing, as this can damage the coating.

However, sometimes spills occur that will require the use of a cleaning agent. For these instances, it is best to use non-alkaline cleaning so that it doesn’t affect the floor’s coating. If you’re in a pinch, you can still use a solution made up of dishwashing soap and water.       


Recoating is an important part of maintaining epoxy floors. Now, you don’t want to go overboard with this and recoat the surfaces every year––this will simply be a waste of your resources. Although there is no rule on when you should recoat your floors, one indication that they need to be recoated is when they lose their shine.


Ultimately, consistency is the key to having long-lasting surfaces. All you need to do is to take the appropriate measures when it comes to cleaning and maintaining them. Considering how manageable the entire process is, maintenance won’t even take up much of your time or resources. Just be sure to keep the information mentioned above in mind, and you will have properly maintained floors for the years to come!

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