4 Reasons to Pick Epoxy Flooring for Your Restaurant

Picking a flooring solution for a restaurant comes with its challenges. Not only does it have to look aesthetically pleasing, but it also has to be resilient to heavy foot traffic, liquids, and many other stressors restaurants are subject to. As such, picking the wrong type of flooring will only lead to downtime, headaches, loss of money, and more—none of which any restaurants want to experience.

With that said, if you are reading this, it is safe to assume that you are still on the hunt for the perfect flooring solution. Fortunately, the answer is simple: choose epoxy flooring. Here is why:

1. It is durable

Epoxy flooring is well-known for its durability. In fact, it is seven times stronger than most concrete floors! Epoxy floors are not porous like concrete, making them incredibly water and dust-resistant. In a restaurant setting, epoxy floors will have no problem dealing with high foot traffic. They will feel comfortable under your feet. In the case of food or water spills, it will retain its impressive looks and functionality.

2. It looks great

Speaking of looks, epoxy floors can bear any design you want. There are tons of patterns, designs, and colors to choose from. You can even specify different designs to different parts of the floor for any reason. Thanks to its amazing aesthetics, epoxy floors have been known to boost working morale. Your chefs, waiters, and more will be happy to work in such a stunning restaurant. Your customers will also be more than happy to eat at your restaurant, coming back to eat in your beautiful space.

3. It promotes safety

Epoxy floors are one of the safest types of floors around because epoxy floors are fire-resistant, slip-resistant, and heat-resistant. All in all, they offer the characteristics you want. In addition, epoxy floors offer a smooth surface that is easy to clean and maintain. This ensures that no one in your restaurant, whether staff or a customer, will get sick. Plus, you’ll stay out of trouble with the USDA and FDA by complying with hygiene regulations.

4. It is easy to install

If you need a quick flooring solution for any reason, epoxy flooring is your best friend. With a professional by your side, the whole floor can be done within two days or less! Do note that the actual length will generally depend on the work before installing the flooring, as preparing the surface for epoxy floors will take some time. However, compared to other solutions, epoxy is one of the simplest and quickest. 


All in all, you can never go wrong opting for epoxy floors for your restaurants. With all these benefits, this type of floor is truly the best option for you! That being said, if you do plan to install epoxy flooring, be sure to work with the professionals. This will guarantee that the floor is installed perfectly. Done right, it will last for many years and provide your restaurant with stunning and durable flooring.

AZ Polished Concrete is a concrete subcontractor offering polished concrete, epoxy flooring, and other services in Phoenix, AZ. If you are looking for epoxy flooring, contact us today and get exactly what you need!

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