Industrial & Commercial Flooring Phoenix AZ

Epoxy flooring solutions for the industrial & commercial sector.

AZ Polished Concrete offers a wide variety of epoxy flooring solutions for commercial and industrial environments. With our epoxy flooring services, you can get a high-quality, professionally laid floor, which is incredibly versatile, perfect for any where from a commercial kitchen to an aircraft hangar.

When it comes to industrial environments, epoxy flooring needs to be tough and easy to clean. If you work in an industrial environment, the health of your employees is paramount. That means that if you need a new epoxy floor for an area with heavy traffic – like a warehouse or factory – we’ve got you covered.

The flooring will also be able to stand up to repeated, frequent cleaning as well. For epoxy flooring to stay clean and hygienic it will usually need regular cleaning with disinfectant which our epoxy can easily handle without losing its lustre. No one wants their flooring to look good when it’s installed only for it to start quickly deteriorating due to heavy footfall, do they? This is why epoxy flooring is so beneficial, since it gives you the high-quality, strong flooring you need, but it’s also quick and easy to clean as well.

Industrial flooring needs to be strong and easy to clean. These environments come in many forms, but no matter what workplace it is, the flooring is incredibly important to ensuring proper health and safety. So, whether you need commercial or industrial epoxy flooring, we have you covered.

Industries We Can Help With


A pharmaceutical setting like a pharmacy, hospital, doctor’s surgery, or dentists will require flooring that is safe and sanitary.

 Our commercial epoxy flooring will help you get just that! Epoxy is non-slip and easy to clean which help a lot when it comes to maintaining proper hygiene standards.

Commercial Kitchens

Epoxy flooring is ideal for kitchen spaces in all kinds of workplaces including restaurants, cafes, and canteens.
Our epoxy is slip-resistant, easy to clean, long-lasting and offers you everything you could need for a safer, more cleanly environment. Kitchens are busy places that are naturally quite messy, so an epoxy floor is a must-have.

Manufacturing Plants

Due to their heavy footfall and specialised nature, manufacturing plants require a long-lasting, strong, and safe floor. Which is exactly what you will get with our industrial epoxy floor coating. Ensuring you have safe environment is crucial in this setting and flooring is incredibly important.

Healthcare Facilities

Being naturally quick and easy to clean, epoxy flooring is ideal for all manner of healthcare environments. One of the biggest benefits of using epoxy is that it provides greater levels of safety and security within your facility.

Grow Rooms/Dispensaries

Epoxy flooring is the best flooring solution for dispensaries and grow rooms. It provides a safe and sanitary solution for growing rooms, or for areas dispensing legal marijuana and similar products.

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