Epoxy Flooring

Not all concrete floors are suitable for polishing, but they may be suitable for an epoxy coating. Whether your floor is badly damaged, or it has significant staining from oil/grease, an epoxy floor may be the right choice to bring that floor back to life.

We’ve restored concrete floors that clients thought had reached their end. Below are just a couple of the epoxy systems we can install in your home, garage, office or other space.

Flake Floors

An epoxy floor with flake broadcast is a customer favorite for garages. What does it consist of? We can customize a system for your purpose and aesthetic needs such as the color combination and size of the flakes.

Typically a primer coat is laid down, then a second coat is installed, this second coat is where we broadcast the flake into. After that 2 nd coat has cured, we scrape any excess flake. Afterwards, we install a “topcoat” to protect the floor. This topcoat will consist of a sealer like a Polysaspartic, which is a strong coating to protect from chemical and abrasion wear.

Metallic Floors

Metallic floors are our second most requested floors by clients. This is the epoxy coating you want if you wish to “wow” your guests. The color combinations are endless. We use metallic pigments and combine them with our 100% solids epoxy to create mesmerizing art on concrete floors.

Not only are metallic epoxy floors aesthetically pleasing, they are very strong floors. We offer various top coats to make your metallic epoxy floors abrasion and chemical resistant.

Quartz Floors

A quartz epoxy floor is another attractive epoxy system with great functionality. You can customize a quartz system in many different ways such as choosing one single color or using mixed color quartz aggregates. You also have the option of choosing the size of the quartz aggregate. This flooring system results in a very strong floor with high chemical and abrasion resistance. It’s a great epoxy system for floors required to have good abrasion resistance, skid resistance, chemical resistance, and high foot traffic areas.

Urethane Cement System

The strongest system you can choose. Urethane cement systems can have up to a 9,800 PSI compressive strength rating, this is higher than your average concrete floor itself! Besides strength, urethane cement systems have a wide temperature in service range. This makes it an ideal flooring system for breweries that receive hot wash downs.

Urethane Cement systems are also ideal for industrial kitchens, chemical processing plants, and any other concrete floor that needs high impact, abrasion, and chemical resistance.

Solid Color Epoxy Systems

If you simply need a strong epoxy system and don’t require any decorative broadcast or other design element, we can install a solid color epoxy system. Each epoxy system can be tailored to the customer’s needs and requirements.

Customizations available for epoxy systems:

  • Cove Base, this is a base consisting of the same epoxy and media being broadcasted in the main floor
  • Color choices, your epoxy can be pigmented in any color available on our color chart
  • Additives can be included to inhibit the growth of fungus or bacteria
  • Aggregate broadcast (sand or broadcast), flake chips, glow in the dark flake, glitter, etc.
  • Our resins can be customized for resistance to specific chemicals
  • Top coats can be used to provide extra protection
  • Skid additives can also be included in the epoxy systems

Contact us now to discuss your epoxy flooring needs.