The Truth About Common Epoxy Installation Myths

There are many advantages when using epoxy for floor coverings in basements and garages, which is why it’s quickly gaining popularity for homeowners looking to strengthen these areas in their homes. However, several myths surround the use of this material that can cause apprehension for some. 

Separating fact from fiction will allow you to objectively decide whether epoxy polished concrete is a worthwhile investment for your garage or basement floors. Here are some of the common myths you might encounter when deciding on your epoxy coating. 

  • Paint Is as Good as Epoxy

While it may seem like a cost-effective solution, paint just isn’t made to do what epoxy is designed to do! 

Since epoxy contains hardeners and resins, it provides a sturdier protective coating for your floor. Paint is also susceptible to damage from UV rays, chemicals, impact, and abrasions, all of which epoxy is highly resistant to. An epoxy garage floor will be protected against scrapes, scuffs, tire marks, and other such stains when properly applied—so it’s worth the investment if you intend to maintain your flooring for years to come. 

  • Epoxy Is Too Costly

Think of epoxy as preventive maintenance. You can spend on a coating now to protect your floors from potential sources of damage, or you might have to deal with the more expensive alternative—which is replacing your actual flooring more frequently. 

Since epoxy provides a strong coating to protect your floor from harm, it comes out to be the cheaper option. Just make sure that you install the correct epoxy coating to meet your needs according to how the floor will be used.

  • It’s Better to DIY Epoxy Installations

While it is technically possible to prepare your floors and apply epoxy yourself, you will be better off getting a professional to handle the job. Proper application is required for the epoxy to have the desired effect, which is to give your floors ample protection. 

Considering that improperly installed epoxy coatings need replacement every couple of years while professionally installed residential epoxy floorings last ten to twenty years, it’s clear which choice will be better in the long term!

  • Light Cleaning and Sweeping Is Enough Preparation

Since it seems like a simple coating over your flooring, it’s natural to assume that the standard cleaning you do for your floors is enough to prepare the epoxy coating installation. However, there’s slightly more work involved to ensure that residue won’t cause the improper bonding of epoxy to the floor. 

Aside from a general sweep and clean, garage floors need to be completely removed of grease, waxes, glues, and adhesives. This is why getting a professional to install your epoxy is so important; it assures that you won’t encounter any issues that require replacement later on.

  • Options Are Limited with Epoxy

There are many options for your flooring when installing epoxy coatings. Some home basements use decorative acid staining, which is then topped with a clear epoxy coat. This gives you endless possibilities to consider when looking for different flooring options with epoxy protection.


After all the myths have been separated from reality, most people find that epoxy flooring is well worth the investment, especially given the long-term benefits of professional installation. Garage and basement floors are often subjected to more damage than people realize. Taking the appropriate measures to ensure your flooring’s protection can save time, money, and stress involved in getting floors replaced. With the right contractors, you can be more confident and creative in your new epoxy coating as the right choice for your home.

Here at AZ Polished Concrete, we offer epoxy flooring, polished concrete, and other similar concrete coating services with affordable options to fit every need. If you’re looking for a concrete subcontractor for quality epoxy flooring in Arizona, then contact us today!

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