Epoxy Floor Coating: 3 Common Problems and How to Avoid Them for Your Home

Choosing the right materials for your home’s flooring is crucial, and the choices in the market are as spoiled as you would expect in countertops. There is the right flooring for every style and purpose, all of which have different impacts on your home’s aesthetics, functionality, and experience. 

Epoxy flooring rises on top as one of the perennial favorites among homeowners thanks to its unparalleled durability, easy maintenance, and visually impressive finish. While it can pack as much panache as it is practical, there is a high risk of experiencing problems when the flooring is misapplied.

Here are some of the common issues that are likely to occur due to low-quality installation, along with ways to mitigate the make the most of your epoxy floor coatings. 

1. Peeling Floors 

There’s nothing more frustrating than dealing with peels on your flooring. Not only can it spoil your decor, but it can become a tripping hazard when left unattended. Epoxy floor coatings often peel due to a lack of preparation involving the surface or when you apply the epoxy in an environment that is either too hot, cold, or humid. Applying the coating when the floor has grease, oil, and other debris can also serve as culprits. 

2. Blistering and Bubbles Forming Under the Epoxy

Mixing different ingredients to create the epoxy often traps plenty of air in the material, though the tendency is higher when done in unconditioned, cooler environments. Similarly, applying the coating under direct sunlight, leading to an unsatisfactory finish. Pumping the paddler mixer too fast can also cause air bubbles, so be sure to thoroughly refer to the mixing instructions to avoid compromising the curing process. 

3. Unsightly Color Variations 

After the epoxy coating dries off, its finished color inconsistencies can manifest due to the improper blend of the ingredients. Leaving the epoxy to dry under the sun can also impact the appearance by fading the colors and other factors such as unwanted oils or greases affecting the tone. 

While it doesn’t negatively affect the coating’s functionality, the discoloration can look unattractive. Calling for epoxy coating services is a must if you want to mitigate these issues and ensure your flooring can meet your standards. 

The Bottom Line: Ironing Common Problems with Epoxy Floor Coating to Maximize its Full Potential

Some flooring leaves room for DIY weekend warriors to take upon, but the task of applying the epoxy coating is not as straightforward as it seems. For one, you need to incorporate acid etching to roughen up the concrete since epoxy does not adhere to smooth surfaces. 

It’s a task that requires experts’ skill and experience, so it’s best to hire professional contractors if you want to guarantee the best and long-lasting results for your epoxy floor coating. 

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