Why Your Basement Needs an Epoxy Floor Coating

Post-modern architecture calls for plenty of clean lines and sharply-lit visuals. Natural light makes this possible, and its strategic use often produces gorgeous houses. Playing with large window panes, various well-picked materials that are an easy color, and other home design aspects can create fabulous interiors. While people can easily imagine the wall shades, kitchen fixtures, doors, and other quickly visible elements, they very rarely imagine the accompanying flooring. 

Floors make or break a home, and not all kinds of floors work well with specific house designs. However, what makes interior design really pop out is using epoxy polished concrete. These floor coatings give off a top-quality shine that supplements the surrounding  design elements. Here is a short guide on epoxy flooring for your home to give a better overall effect:

Epoxy Flooring Products

With resinous materials to coat the floors, this layer gives an unparalleled shine and a hard layer of protection that is easy to maintain and clean. This material comes in two main types, the first being a solid-based one and the second being of a solvent-based origin. When installing a proper coat, working with a professional residential epoxy flooring company will give the best results.

The epoxy works by using resin and a hardener solution for the solid coating, while solvent ones use resins, hardeners, and a water-based filler. The former is best used for a firmer surface resistant to most kinds of force, while the solvent-based one gives off a better shine. 

Using Epoxy Polished Concrete for Your Basement

Basements can be tough to clean primarily due to all the dust that accumulates over time. Additionally, storing plenty of things in the basement can often tear up carpets or scratch up tiles and other surfaces, requiring a more substantial epoxy layer. With a thick enough layer of epoxy that will increase the aesthetics and function of your basement, you won’t ever regret deciding to coat the floor. Epoxy polished concrete can be used if you choose to turn your basement into a gym, a game room, a man cave, a minibar, or any kind of modernly designed space. 

Without needing too much care and maintenance, you’ll save on flooring repairs. Thanks to the variability in the thickness of epoxy coats, you can customize them to your liking. With a thicker floor coat, you can drop weights in your basement gym, and it will stay solid. If you decide to turn it into a kid’s playroom, they won’t be able to scratch up the floors no matter what they do. 

Maintaining the Coating

For long term maintenance, you’re practically set once you have a properly installed epoxy polished concrete system. These already look great and will stay that way for years to come. Whether you decide to use neutral cleaning products or just sweep it out, the floor will shine indefinitely. However, it is recommended that the topcoat should be reapplied every decade. This way, the epoxy will remain shiny and the bottom layers will maintain their integrity. 


Epoxy polished concrete is a top-quality material that can turn any home design into a masterpiece. While regular concrete is a clean and neutral way to design a home, putting a shiny topcoat will ensure that the shine supplements all the design elements surrounding it. A local residential epoxy flooring company can assist with home improvements of this caliber. 

AZ Polished Concrete is the premium epoxy polished concrete contractor in Phoenix, Arizona. Consider polished concrete as a flooring material for a functional and clean aesthetic for your home or commercial establishment. Contact us to learn more about the elegant aesthetic of epoxy coated concrete flooring. 

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