Why Consider Epoxy Flooring for Your Home Parking Garage

Have you ever wondered why parking lots in some establishments decide to make their space colorful? There is no doubt how epoxy-polished concrete makes a parking space look aesthetically pleasing—but these are not the only reasons why epoxy-polished concrete is a good choice for such a space. 

People with parking garages mainly choose epoxy flooring because of its durability and utility. There are numerous benefits of having this applied to your space. If you’re considering getting this too, then here’s some more information about it:

How To Get An Epoxy Floor

Epoxy coating is a surface application that you apply to an already existing concrete surface. 

Your concrete garage floor needs to be fully cured before bonding the epoxy to it. If your existing concrete floor has been there for quite a while now, then the contractors need to first check if it is still in good condition. They would then clean your concrete floor, fix any cracks and chips it has, and remove all the grease on the surface. 

Installing an epoxy floor is generally easier and quicker than other types of flooring. Once everything is prepped and ready, the epoxy is immediately applied—after which, it’s just all about waiting!

The Main Advantages of an Epoxy Polished Garage

1: Brightens Up Space

You get to enjoy a smooth and polished finish coming from epoxy flooring. If your garage is a bit dim, the shiny high-gloss surface from your epoxy-polished garage can help increase the brightness of your space. 

Unlike the usual dark concrete, bringing a new color to the room can lighten the mood and illuminate your empty area. 

2: Increases the Floor Strength

Because of the added layer, your garage floor is bound to become more durable. It protects the underlying concrete from getting cracks, grease, moisture, and stains. It can withstand heavy and continuous traffic, making it a perfect material for public parking spaces. It can also protect any floor from any great impact or stress. Moreover, despite its deceptive smooth appearance, it is slip-resistant and less abrasive than regular concrete flooring.

3: Easy to Clean

Another advantage of epoxy flooring is how it is so easy to clean. An epoxy floor provides you with a smooth and clear surface, making it less prone to dust and dirt accumulation. It has a high resistance to moisture, water, and other types of liquid spills, like oil or gasoline spills. 

Simply wiping the surface away can immediately make it look brand new. If you prefer other cleaning methods, such as using pressure water or using cleaning solutions, you can also do that without harming your epoxy floor. 

4: Helps You Save Money in the Long Run

Some people get discouraged upon learning that epoxy-polished concretes require a higher upfront cost. However, unlike other flooring materials, the installation process is simpler and faster. Also, you only need to retouch your epoxy floor at least once a year to retain its excellent look. You can also save on other cleaning and maintenance expenses for your floor. 

Deciding to go with epoxy-polished concrete can also reduce your need to add more fixtures, therefore, even lowering your energy expenses. Furthermore, a professionally-applied epoxy garage floor can add value and beauty to your home—making it well worth the investment to push through with.


Epoxy flooring is an attractive and reliable floor option to consider for your parking garage as it can bring multiple advantages to your space. If you want a seamless and beautiful floor material that is easy to clean, resistant to water and stains, cost-effective, lasts a long time, and helps you save money, epoxy flooring is a worthy investment to spend on!

Are you looking for garage floor epoxy flooring solutions in Phoenix, Arizona? AZ Polished Concrete has what you need! We are a concrete subcontractor that offers epoxy flooring solutions to residential and commercial areas in the Valley. Call us today at 602-819-7174 to learn more about our services.

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