What Is Epoxy Grout and Why Is It Better Than Cement Grout

Grout is a filler that keeps dirt and debris from getting in between or under your tiles. It adds strength to your tile flooring and prevents it from getting out of shape. When applying grout, tilers need to spread the mix over your floor, wait for it to set quickly, and then scrub it off. 

However, regular grout might not be feasible If you are thinking of getting mosaic tiles for your floor. Fortunately, there is another grout option that will lessen the cleaning time and make your mosaic tiles look brand new for months. If you have not heard above epoxy grout yet, here are some things you need to know:  

What Makes Epoxy Grout Better: Epoxy Grout vs Cement Grout

The grout often used in most homes is made from a cement-based mix. It is not the best material for grouting because it is not waterproof and absorbs water and stains. Regular scrubbing or maintenance is necessary to keep it looking good for a long time. 

On the other hand, epoxy grout is waterproof because of its components. It is made from epoxy resin combined with a filler powder. Besides becoming waterproof, it is also stain-resistant, making it the perfect grout material for your floors or splashbacks.

Epoxy grout is also resistant to harsh chemicals and durable enough not to crack, shrink, or discolor. Finally, it is a non-porous material that does not need to be sealed after. 

The Downsides of Using Epoxy Grout

Although epoxy grout has many advantages, it also has a few drawbacks. 

  • It isn’t easy to apply compared to traditional cement grout. Compared to cement grout, epoxy grout requires more time for application. Moreover, it sets quickly, so having a plan before applying it is a must. A beginner might have difficulty putting on epoxy grout, but an expert tiler can address this concern.
  • Epoxy grout can discolor porous surfaces. Materials such as natural stone can get discolored when used with epoxy grout. Sealing your floor before the grout application can help you prevent this from happening.
  • It gives a plastic look or glossy sheen. After you apply the epoxy, its residue will leave a sheen on your tiles. To remove this, you have to clean it thoroughly after the grout application. If you allow the shine to stay, it can highlight the imperfections of your tiling. 
  • It is more expensive than regular cement grout. You are more likely to spend three to five times more for epoxy grout compared to cement grout. Add the labor time, which, as mentioned, will take longer, and you will realize that using epoxy grout is not as cheap. The quality and durability you get after will hopefully compensate for this additional expense. 

Tips When Using Epoxy Grout

To make the additional expense more worth it, consider these tips when using epoxy grout for your home.

  • Make sure to match the grout color to the tile color. That way, you can make any tiling imperfections less noticeable. 
  • Hire an experienced tiler who knows how to use epoxy grout since it differs from traditional cement grout in several ways. 


If you are looking for a grout that will require less scrubbing, epoxy grout is your best option. It is perfect for places that often get wet or exposed to high foot traffic. It may have its imperfections, but all those can be addressed with easy solutions.

If you are interested in getting your residential epoxy flooring in Phoenix, look no further than AZ Polished Concrete. We offer polished concrete, epoxy flooring, and other concrete coating services. We are experts in concrete services, and we can provide you with affordable options to fit your budget. Contact us to learn how we could help. 

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