Ways to Keep Your Polished Concrete Floors Well-Maintained

Many commercial spaces such as retailers and schools have come to prefer polished concrete floors in Phoenix, and with good reason. Polished concrete is known for being attractive, durable, and low-maintenance, among others. Of course, being low maintenance does not equate to not needing any maintenance at all. Aside from keeping the floors in their best possible condition, having them cleaned regularly also helps them stay dry and safe.

Here are some ways to keep your polished concrete floors well-maintained.

Address spills immediately

By default, polished concrete has a certain resistance to spills. However, that does not make it entirely immune from other liquids. When spills are left on polished concrete for a long time, the floor’s protective finish can be broken down, the floor itself can be discolored, or a stain can be left. In extreme cases, the concrete can even get damaged entirely.

Have a timeline in mind for maintenance

As previously mentioned, scrubbing and sweeping should be done every day. There are also things you can do weekly to maintain the floor, such as using a burnisher. Concrete floors can do with a polish every 2-3 years with a specialized polishing equipment.

Have the right cleaning solution in use

It can be incredibly easy to just grab any cleaning solution and use that, but in the case of polished concrete in Phoenix or anywhere, the material needs to be considered. As a surface, concrete is quite reactive. If you were initially using a cleaning solution meant for waxed floors, it’s time to make a change. Polished concrete needs a different cleaning solution that is not acidic and has little to no alkaline, as those can damage the material.

Keep the floor protected

When polished concrete is used on a floor, a sealer is applied to finish it off. Over time, this can eventually wear down, and your floor will gradually lose shine and become dull. The sealer also helps give polished concrete an extra layer of protection from things like etching or stains. It will need to be reapplied on occasion for the floor to keep its shiny appearance, and in order for the polished concrete to stay protected from spills and the likes of heel cuffs.

Make sure to regularly scrub and sweep the floors

One of the key traits of polished concrete includes durability. Most of the maintenance that needs to be done falls under scrubbing and sweeping. Areas with higher traffic than usual will likely require more attention since these floors will be prone to spills and even scuffs from heels. An area that gets far less traffic, on the other hand, will do just fine with sweeping done every day.


Polished concrete is fairly easy to maintain, but it should not be taken for granted. For the most part, scrubbing and sweeping can do the trick. However, there are still some things to consider, like making sure spills are cleaned immediately, and the correct cleaning solution is in use.

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