Renovating Your Property – 4 Ways to Refinish Concrete Floors

Sometimes, buying a property will require you to give it a few refurbishing treatments before you
can move in properly. For example, renovating your flooring makes it safe to haul in factory
equipment for your business or dress it up for resale. Whether you’re flipping real estate or
investing in a viable workspace, you need to learn which repairs will work best with your
building’s materials.

Refinishing your concrete floors

Concrete flooring is a universal textile material that people often undervalue. Its robust and
durable frame is cost-effective and maintains an industrial look to your interiors. However, it can
crack and get damaged over time. Instead of covering it with hardwood or carpeting, you can
easily beautify your existing concrete floors by applying the right treatments.
In this article, we will share four ways to refinish your concrete floors.

1. Repairing your cracks and crevices

Before you start with embellishments on your floorings, such as staining and polishing, you
should first make sure that your floors are safe to use. Pits, holes, and cracks should receive
proper treatment to maintain an even and safe working area. You can fill in these deformations
with ease by applying a sealant. If you’re not confident in performing the repairs yourself, you
should hire a professional building contractor to fix it for you.

2. Staining to bring color to your flooring

If you’re not a fan of the neutral colors of concrete, you can apply an acrylic or acid-based stain
to mix in the palette of your choosing. You can do this by spraying or brushing your concrete,
which gives you the variability to apply different patterns instead of just using a base color. Keep
in mind that your floor should first receive repairs to fix cracks and scratches to make sure that
you won’t have blemishes when applying the stain.

3. Polishing to increase the durability of your flooring

You can go the extra mile to bring a glossy shine to your concrete by polishing it. You can either
apply a wet or dry polish, depending on your preference. Besides making your floor look neat,
polishing densifies your concrete, which makes it more durable to prevent dealing with dents
and cracks in the future. Although its glassy surface may convince you that it’s slippery, it
prevents slippage, making it great for high-traffic areas.

4. Extra coating treatments

Urethane coating works best over polished concrete, but you can apply it on untreated floors as
well. It provides an extra layer of protection to improve your floor’s scratch and scuff resistance

in the long term. It’s a treatment that you should invest in if you expect high foot traffic around
your property.
On the other hand, you should choose an epoxy coating if you want to have increased
protection for chemicals. Featuring a limitless selection of colors, it can fit any environment, from
automotive workshops to food processing facilities.


Refurbishing properties is a case by case basis, which means that some treatments may be
more effective than others. That is why you should do your research on the quality of the
property you’re buying to ensure that your renovation treatments fit your budget. If you’re unsure
what to expect, you should consult with professional building contractors to give you an estimate
on what you will need to refinish your building.

Are you looking for concrete floor contractors in Phoenix? Our team of professionals can handle
the delicate treatments for your property’s flooring. We provide a wide selection of coating
services, such as polishing, epoxy coating, and more. Get in touch

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