Material Overview: 5 Advantages of Using Polished Concrete

Not all businesses need to rely on flashy and attractive construction materials to be an effective service provider. For example, hardware stores and storage warehouses need to choose building options to accommodate the products they’ll receive and handle. This is why many industries prefer to invest in durability and sustainability over flashy construction choices.

Why polished concrete is great for commercial establishments

Unlike residential buildings, it’s necessary to focus on functionality over aesthetic design for commercial establishments. This is why you need to design your building with your business’s operations in mind. For most industries, polished concrete is the go-to option for their on-site shops and facilities. It’s a flooring choice that has particular advantages that make it a viable long-term investment.

In this article, we will discuss five advantages of polished concrete flooring.

Polished concrete flooring is a long-term investment

When choosing your flooring options, it’s necessary to focus on sustainability and durability. Concrete flooring is resistant to physical damages, such as staining and chipping. With it, you won’t have to perform waxing or resurfacing treatments as often, unlike other flooring options. Your concrete flooring should last for 12 years before it’s due for a light diamond repolishing treatment.

Polished concrete flooring is easy to maintain

Besides a material’s durability, you should consider its upkeep costs. For example, metal may be a highly durable material, but its vulnerability to rusting requires regular maintenance. For polished concrete flooring, maintaining its shine isn’t a hassle, even if you’re operating vehicles inside your establishments. You’ll only need a weekly rotary clean consisting of cold water, a scrubber drier, and a set of diamond cleaning pads.

Polished concrete flooring is environmentally sustainable

Low-maintenance materials result in a low carbon footprint in their production, repairs, and maintenance. With polished concrete, you won’t have to invest a high amount in your budget for these concerns. Additionally, its material composition of water, gravel, and sand makes it a completely recyclable material for disposal.

Polished concrete flooring prevents slips and falls

A significant factor you must consider with your flooring option is slip resistance, especially if you’re extending your flooring option to outdoor environments. Any slippage from running vehicles or personnel can cause major disruptions in your operation, from damaged machinery to injured personnel.

Polished concrete flooring is HSE-compliant, making it a non-slip surface together with being free of releasing dusty residue. Additionally, it doesn’t release harmful chemicals during installation. This makes it a safe option to reduce accidents of slips, falls, and respiratory illnesses.

Polished concrete flooring lowers your energy costs

Its physical advantages extend beyond providing safety and showcasing its durability. Polished concrete floors can improve your workplace environment in surprising ways due to their unique properties. Its glare can improve ambient lighting with its high reflectivity, causing you to use less lighting fixtures for lower energy consumption. With a lesser need for high-intensity bulbs, you won’t have to worry about investing too much in overhead lighting.


All the components of your commercial building need to work together to function for its intended purpose. Lighting installations, plumbing fixtures, and flooring options all blend together to create a workspace that will allow you to do your job best. Polished concrete flooring is the superior option if you’re looking for a material that will fit your business’s heavy-duty needs.

Although polished concrete is a stellar flooring option, it still demands care and treatment from professionals. If you’re looking for commercial flooring contractors in Phoenix, AZ, contact AZ Polished Concrete today!

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