How to Keep Your Polished Concrete Looking Nice and Neat

When most people think of flooring, they immediately imagine tiles or wood planks. What they may not realize is that concrete doesn’t always need to be covered. The naked yet polished look for concrete can provide a smooth, hard-wearing, and appealing surface that will give any room a stylish edge.

For those who have opted for polished concrete flooring in their space, their choice is not only beautiful and cost-effective, it is durable and low maintenance as well. However, just like any surface, there is some cleaning work involved to keep it looking tidy and new.

In this article, we’ll teach you how to take care of your concrete flooring so you can keep it looking like it has just been freshly finished. Cleaning your concrete won’t only keep it looking neat, it will also help maintain its integrity so it can continue serving you for many years. Here are some helpful tips for preserving your polished concrete:

1. Keep it dry

Concrete is a tough and dense yet porous material. In liquid form, it can be shaped into various molds and formed to fit any space. Once it hardens, its tensile strength increases. Still, there are microscopic air holes in the structure of concrete. When liquids or other substances permeate these tiny air holes, it can weaken the overall structure. Ensure you clean up spills immediately, especially ones from acidic liquids like sodas, coffee, or citrus. Don’t allow water to pond or pool over it. When the concrete is exposed to liquid over a long period, it can absorb it and become discolored.

2. Re-apply sealant

Due to concrete’s porous nature, it needs to be sealed once it hardens in place. The epoxy sealant also gives the concrete a subtle sheen and a glossy appearance. It also makes walking on the surface a better experience. It also makes it easy for things like wheels and trolleys to traverse the space. Over time, the sealant can wear off, exposing the concrete beneath it to wear and tear. Consider a professional concrete floor contractor to refinish your floor every year or so, depending on how much traffic the floor sustains.

3. Mop, don’t scrub

Abrasives can also scratch off the sealant layer and dig into the concrete floor. When you can preserve the concrete’s sealant cover, you can be sure that your polished floor will look fresh and clean. Make sure to use a damp mop to clean, and allow any residual moisture to dry completely. Sweep up dirt and debris regularly to keep it from accumulating and hardening on the surface. When you sweep, use a soft-bristled brush as well to minimize the scratching motions.

4. Use padding on sharp edges

Repeated movements can wear down the sealant as well as the concrete beneath it, leaving unsightly impressions. Make sure you soften hard edges like the legs of tables, shelves, and chairs that will scrape and slide over the polished concrete floor’s surface. Add padding to the bottom of static pieces of furniture to provide a protective barrier between the two hard surfaces.

A polished concrete floor will last many years if it is cleaned and maintained properly. Once you know the basics of keeping your concrete floor clean, it can be easy to incorporate them into your maintenance routine.

Are you looking for epoxy and polished concrete flooring contractors in Phoenix? We offer concrete floor solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial needs. Contact us today to discover your options for long-lasting and low-maintenance flooring.

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