Construction 101: What are Your Commercial Flooring Options?

Like decorating a home, choosing the right flooring or your business needs to satisfy aesthetic and practical needs. For example, a furniture warehouse’s flooring must be durable enough to accommodate the load of cabinets, appliances, and other heavy materials without giving in to the weight. In contrast, different manufacturing facilities like food processing sites need durable indoor and outdoor flooring options. Because of this, business owners need to choose flooring options that are resistant to different weathering conditions, even to UV rays. Every business will face particular environmental and workplace hazards, which will define what your workplace’s construction materials should be.

Selecting the right flooring option for your business

It’s not uncommon for business owners to purchase real estate to convert it to a commercial space. However, not all properties have the right fittings to serve your business’s needs. For this reason, you’ll need to optimize your future workspace by making the necessary installations, including your choice of flooring.

In this article, we’ll share three commercial flooring options you should consider for your workplace’s refurbishing needs.

1. Resin flooring

Resin is a popular option since it comes in a wide selection of color variants and texture designs. However, its flexibility doesn’t end with its variety in color palette. Some resin flooring options have favorable properties that can fit your business’s needs. For example, polyurethane resin floors have an extremely durable lifespan lasting beyond 40 years. Its cost can be a decent investment for the minimal maintenance you’ll need for it over time.

On the other hand, epoxy resin flooring is a cheaper option that comes in several variants that add gloss, anti-slip finishes, and stain-resistant coatings. These are excellent additions to work environments that need to optimize other workplace areas, like greater soil management or indoor lighting.

2. Laminate flooring

If you’re looking for something more flashy than functional, laminate flooring may be the flooring option you should purchase. Laminate floorings are compressed wooden materials that can imitate different wood styles from New York Oak to Gaboon Ebony. It’s an excellent alternative to genuine wood options, which can cost you thousands more per sq. meter. Although it’s not natural wood, there are premium laminate flooring options with much greater durability than typical laminate products.

3. Concrete flooring

It’s not uncommon for some people to have an aversion to concrete flooring. The name alone inspires thoughts of industrial interior designs with drab settings. In reality, concrete flooring has plenty of style and texture options you can choose from. You can introduce stains and polishes that can make it resistant to scratches and soils. Additionally, concrete is strong enough to withstand heavy loads of equipment and furniture.

One potential drawback of concrete flooring is the amount of space it needs, together with the load-bearing it will add to your structures. Besides choosing a concrete slab, you can purchase polished concrete that’s easier to install even with a thickness of 10mm. It’s an excellent way to reinforce your flooring without removing your existing tiles, floors, and plywood timber bases.


Finding the right flooring material for your workplace is just the first step in refurbishing your work environment. You’ll need your flooring to receive expert installation and regular maintenance to preserve its aesthetic and functional properties. Because of this, you must secure the help of professional commercial flooring contractors.

At AZ Polished Concrete, we handle your building’s flooring needs from installation to regular maintenance. If you need reliable commercial flooring contractors in Phoenix, AZ, contact our team today!

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