5 Reasons You Should Switch to an Epoxy Floor Coating

The demands placed on an industrial building, in terms of wear and tear, are far above normal. Most flooring is not enough to take the pounding and the chemical exposure that industrial buildings experience. To avoid having to make frequent floor replacements, it might be good to invest in epoxy floor coating on concrete.

While concrete is commonly used for industrial settings, the material can depreciate when grease, oil, or another harmful substance is spilled on it. Having a durable coating can preserve the quality of an industrial floor. There are many benefits to epoxy coatings—here are just a few:

Epoxy is cheaper in the long run.

The average commercial space can cover thousands of square feet. Rather than investing in flooring and regularly replacing it as it takes a beating, it can be more economical to coat your entire floor in epoxy. It is also easier to clean and maintain, which allows you to reduce maintenance and sanitation costs. 

Epoxy coating is a good investment for warehouses, production lines, manufacturers, and the like. Their sealant properties eliminate the porousness of concrete floors, making it easier to deal with dust, dirt, and chemical spillage. 

They are a safe option.

The reflective nature of epoxy means better lighting in the industrial space, and therefore, greater safety and fewer accidents. Epoxy can also come in various colors, meaning it could be used to color-code certain areas to mitigate risk and warn of dangers. 

Epoxy is also incredibly resistant to potent chemicals, making them an ideal choice for food handling and pharmaceutical facilities. 

There are so many different options.

Not only does epoxy coating come in a wide variety of colors, but it also comes in a wide variety of styles. There are high gloss coatings, Quartz coatings, Flake coatings, and Metallic coatings. There are designs and colors to fit any space, from industrial to the office to the home. There is likely no limit to the variety of colors and designs in epoxy coating.

They are already being used in homes and workspaces as part of interior design. Because epoxy coatings can be seamless, unlike tiles, they can offer a unique aesthetic experience to those who see them. 

They are an easier option.

In the event that damage is done to your epoxy coated-floor, it’s easier to repair than replacing the flooring of an entire space. Given that epoxy comes as a fluid, coatings are much easier to repair and will only require you to address the affected area. 

They are also directly applicable to different types of flooring other than concrete. Epoxy coating installation costs are also low, and they require very little maintenance, making them even easier to care for than the average floor.

They’re environmentally friendly.

There are many benefits to going green for your business, and using epoxy floor coatings is one of the ways you can go about this. Epoxy coatings have a lower usage of solvent materials, and there are coatings made of organic resins and marble that are eco-friendly but no less beautiful.

You don’t have to sacrifice beauty and spend more for a better flooring, and you breathe more easily knowing you are not hurting the environment with your coating solution. 


Epoxy coatings are the flooring of the future. They are not only more economical in both the short and long term, but are more environmentally friendly, safer, and have a vast array of options. It’s the superior option for nearly any space—industrial applications included! 

To find out how you can get epoxy coating for your floors in Phoenix, AZ, check us out Arizona Polished Concrete Services! We’re happy to answer any of your questions.


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