5 Everyday Places Epoxy Polished Concrete Will Flourish

Flooring can set the theme and mood of any establishment or home. Whether it is for a store, a restaurant, a building lobby, or even homes, the right flooring can make a big difference. When deciding on a material to be laid as the groundwork, it also pays to consider placing a protective coating over it for longevity. 

Concrete is a popular option for many modern interiors, as it gives off a raw and powerful brutalist energy. Take note that these materials fade over time due to foot traffic and regular maintenance work, which will take away the concrete flooring’s aesthetic value. One top option that is gaining popularity is the epoxy coating for floors. Epoxy polished concrete gives it a fantastic shine with the added protection that allows safer cleaning. 

Here are commercial establishments that will benefit significantly from epoxy polished concrete:


Retail Establishments


Minimalist store interiors often give off a luxurious and elegant look to people passing by. With a polished concrete floor coated with epoxy, your concrete floor will shine and accent the pieces you are selling. Concrete floors go well with various wall colors and tones, which is perfect for any color palette a business needs to follow. Maintenance work for these floors is also much less demanding than other flooring materials would need. 

With the number of people going in and out to buy things and go window shopping, an epoxy polished concrete floor is the best way to go in terms of longevity and durability. 


Garages & Warehouses


Garages and warehouses are commonly high-risk environments due to flooring materials’ requirements of being durable and non-slip. It will not make sense to use carpets or wood flooring in these areas because they require the grip and the ease of cleaning. When going for a garage or warehouse flooring material, epoxy polished concrete gives it that simple look with excellent safety. 

Epoxy is typically rubberized when dry, giving it the best grip for cars and heavy machinery within warehouses. Knowing that plenty of chemicals and fluids will be dripping onto the surface, a polished concrete floor will make cleaning easier, as it can withstand most cleaning chemicals.


Hospital Areas


There is no doubt that hospital flooring needs to be easy to clean, maintain, and be resistant to germs and bacterial growth. This quality is why carpets cannot be used in hospitals due to their difficulty to clean and maintain. Epoxy polished concrete is mostly resistant to bacteria and germs, plus its maintenance can be done more efficiently due to its ability to use cleaning agents on it. 


Restaurants & Cafeterias 


Restaurants require clean and sanitized areas to comply with food safety regulations. Similar to hospital areas, the bacterial resistance of epoxy polished concrete flooring is a big help. As a food and beverage provider, it is damaging to a restaurant’s name when patrons get sick due to food poisoning. 

Through using epoxy coatings in kitchen areas, cleaning and sanitizing will be much easier to do. You’ll keep standards at an all-time high. 




A modern home looks great with polished concrete floors, and this is no doubt when it comes to minimalist designs. Many architects are focusing on going back to the brutalist mindset while incorporating modern materials into it. Doing this creates a great atmosphere that refracts a lot of natural light that can brighten up any area’s vibe. Epoxy polished concrete flooring can make a big difference in today’s homes. 


Polished concrete is more than just its utility aspect. Modern applications have shown that it has better use for designing and better maintenance features than other building materials. By investing in epoxy polished floors, these can make a big difference in any commercial establishment or residential home. 

AZ Polished Concrete is the premium epoxy flooring contractor in Phoenix, Arizona. For a functional and clean aesthetic for your home or commercial establishment, consider polished concrete as a flooring material. Contact us to learn more about the elegant aesthetic of epoxy coated concrete flooring. 


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