5 Cleaning Tips to Easily Maintain Your Epoxy Floors – Our Guide

Epoxy floors are built to be tough and resilient to all sorts of wear and tear. However, this does not mean that they can last forever without showing a single sign of damage. Failure to care for your epoxy floors will only shorten its lifespan, despite its durability.

If you want to ensure your epoxy flooring can continue to act as a sturdy floor for your feet, it pays to know how to keep it maintained. Fortunately for you, epoxy floors are easy to care for.

Here is how to easily care for your epoxy flooring:

1. Daily cleaning

Keep your epoxy floors dirt-free for your normal routine. This is important because leaving any dirt on the floor can increase the risk of scratching the epoxy surface. While the damages are not too noticeable to the naked eye initially, they are going to show up as ugly scratches and dents over time.

To keep your epoxy surface free from any dirt, you can either sweep the floor regularly or use a vacuum with a soft brush at the end. We highly recommend the latter because it is easier to use and more effective.

2. Spot cleaning

Spot cleaning is required for liquid spills on certain parts of the epoxy floor. To get rid of the spill, we highly recommend using a wet vacuum to suck up the liquid and any other dirt that is trapped in the area. After that, you can mop the floors with some warm water to finish the cleaning.

3. Heavy cleaning

If the epoxy surface is heavily soiled and dirtied, you will need to put in a little extra effort to get things clean.

To start, remove anything that might get in your way. After that, you will want to use a mop, preferably with hard foam, dipped in warm or hot water to mop the surface. After that, mop once more, but this time using hot water mixed with ammonia. The solution should be no more than three ounces of ammonia to a gallon of water. When that is done, let the area dry thoroughly.

4. Dealing with stains

If there are stains on your epoxy flooring, you will need to scrub the surface. Do not use anything hard, or else you will scratch it. Instead, use something like a soft deck brush. Get some warm water and gently brush away until the stain has disappeared.

5. Cleaning up a chemical spill

You must clean any chemical spills immediately. Otherwise, chemicals can hurt the integrity of the epoxy floor. If you discover any chemical spills on your floor, wipe them away with a towel as soon as possible.


The level of care you give to your epoxy floor will depend on the type of dirt or grime you encounter. However, most people will only have to occasionally whip out a mop and some warm water to properly maintain theirs. If you take good care of yours, you can expect it to provide reliably sturdy and aesthetically pleasing flooring for many years.

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