3 Ways Concrete Flooring Can Benefit the Brewing Industry

Gone are the days where your local watering hole was a place solely for production. In recent years, facilities like breweries consider their building as more than just a plain structure. 

It’s a space that drives success, and part of the factors that elevate the culture is creating an atmosphere that is optimal for manufacturing brews and a place worth visiting by purveyors at the same time. 

One of the ways to impact the appeal of a brewing room is the flooring. With that in mind, selecting the ideal floor coating is crucial as it can affect the environment in more ways than one. Concrete flooring, in particular, is quickly becoming a perennial favorite for its multiple enhancements, such as the following: 

Benefit #1: Concrete Flooring has Chemical Resistance 

Beyond giving your brewery a classic, industrial charm, choosing polished concrete for your flooring can also boost your facility’s functionality. A manufacture-heavy environment such as a brewery handles ingredients like yeast, alcohol, malts, enzymes, and other brewing sugars that can spill over your flooring.

These ingredients, combined with cleaning chemicals, can wear down the top coating of your flooring over time and result in a faded surface. By choosing polished concrete, its enduring properties allow you to work in a place that can withstand prolonged exposure to chemicals without the risk of eroding over time. 

Benefit #2: Concrete Flooring Has Anti-Slip Properties and Abrasion Resistance 

Local breweries deal with high-impact items like kegs, barrels, and pallets on top of heavy machinery. Seeing as its a fast-paced environment that involves plenty of traffic for your flooring, polished concrete ensures it has the mechanical strength to hold out against incessant collision. 

In addition to resisting sustained impact, the polished coating also has anti-slip properties that can boost the safety of your employees, especially in an environment that is prone to spills. 

Benefit #3: Concrete Flooring has Impeccable Hygienic Properties 

In a facility that produces craft beer and other local favorites, keeping the environment clean and well-sanitized is crucial. With that in mind, brewery floors should be easy to clean and have properties that discourage the growth of harmful bacteria in between spills and heavy foot traffic. 

Fortunately, polished concrete can offer the best surface that promotes food safety with its seamless and easy-to-maintain finish. With quality flooring, you can achieve a stunning look all while maintaining high-performing sanitation in your brewery to mitigate serious contamination mishaps. 

The Bottom Line: The Best Concrete Floor Coating For Your Brewery 

As seen above, polished concrete is a multi-purpose flooring material that is tailored to enhance various environments. Not only does it add an understated elegance to your brewery, but it’s an eco-friendly and economic choice that is sure to improve the safety and performance of your facility. 

If you’re looking to elevate the quality and decorative appeal of your flooring, we are the best concrete subcontractor in Arizona. We offer professional concrete coating services that can help transform your brewery in more ways than one. Get in touch with us now!

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