Polished Concrete

Arizona's Best Concrete Polishers

Polished Concrete is quickly becoming one of the top flooring options for commercial and residential spaces. Not only is polished concrete sustainable, economical, and durable, but it can also contribute to a beautiful and unique aesthetic in your business or home. AZ Polished Concrete has mastered the intricate process of turning dull concrete into a decorative statement piece in any space. By utilizing our state of the art equipment and expertise, we can grind any concrete floor surface, whether new or old, to the glossy finish you desire that never needs waxing or coatings, and can easily last more than a lifetime. Considering the durability and economical advantage of converting to polished concrete, it’s no surprise why more and more commercial and retail facilities, warehouses, business offices, and even homeowners are catching on to these beautiful, high-luster floors.

When deciding on polished concrete as your floor choice, there are many design options beyond the simple, shiny metallic surface you may be thinking of. The reflective, smooth surface of polished concrete allows for an array of stunning choices for the final sheen and coloring of your floor, as well as more decorative options such as stains, dyes, radial lines, bands, borders, and other designs. Contact the professionals at AZ Polished Concrete to discuss the unique flooring options we offer to fit every space and appeal to every budget.